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Ferrero Rocher Golden Hearts

There are infinite ways to design your Valentine's Day table with these DIY origami hearts.
  • Step #1
    Cut squares out of a sheet of red construction paper.
  • Step #2
    Fold the squares in half by matching two opposite corners.
  • Step #3
    Then unfold the square and fold it matching the other two opposite corners.
  • Step #4
    The square should now have creases running from each opposite corner.
  • Step #5
    Fold one side of the square into a triangle again and turn the paper so it's "pointing" toward you.
  • Step #6
    Place one finger between the fold on the left point of the triangle and press down. Then, fold the middle point on itself. This should produce a small cup on the left side.
  • Step #7
    Fold the paper back into a triangle and repeat Step 6 on the other side.
  • Step #8
    Fold over the left and right-side tips.
  • Step #9
    Pinch the sides of the top fold of the middle point onto itself.
  • Step #10
    Next, fold over the top fold of the right side.
  • Step #11
    Fold the tip of the middle point inside.
  • Step #12
    Fold over the tips of the left and right sides.
  • Step #13
    You should now have a heart-shaped cup.
  • Step #14
    Place a Ferrero Rocher in each heart-shaped cup.