The journey towards more  sustainable packaging

Our Journey

Packaging has always been at the heart of the Ferrero Rocher experience.

When Ferrero Rocher was first introduced in 1982, consumers appreciated the original transparent box, which allowed them to see the beautifully wrapped golden specialties.

The Ferrero Rocher box is carefully designed to maintain the high quality that is the hallmark of all Ferrero products, and is elegantly presented to offer our consumers a special product to enjoy, gift or share.

Ferrero Rocher
Ferrero Rocher
Enriching the experience

Enriching the experience

From the very beginning, our key focus has been to provide our consumers a delicious, high quality multi-sensorial experience.

Today we are enriching the Ferrero Rocher experience by making it more sustainable.

Ferrero Rocher is on a journey towards more sustainable packaging. We will progressively evolve our boxes to a new eco-design, starting with our most iconic ones: the 16-piece and 30-piece compact boxes.

The arrival of the new Ferrero Rocher boxes will be done in phases in individual countries, based on the production site and schedule from where they source Ferrero Rocher.

Explore Our Packaging Commitment and discover Our New Eco-Designed Boxes.