Multisensory experience

Multi-sensory experience

multi-sensory experience

At Ferrero, we believe in a simple rule: that special and exquisite taste and consistent quality comes from caring for the ingredients. For decades we have worked closely with our suppliers and with farmers to grow, harvest and process quality ingredients for Ferrero Rocher.

Combining this same approach of care, knowledge and passion for quality across all our ingredients and at all stages of the process, is how we meet our commitment of the special aroma, texture and taste of the contrasting layers of Ferrero Rocher. 

These are very high standards for the sector. That’s why every time you taste a Ferrero Rocher you are guaranteed that we have done our utmost to give you the best possible taste experience, a moment of inimitable deliciousness.

The Roasting of our Hazelnuts

The Roasting of our Hazelnuts

Roasting is our distinctive know-how. Our "master roasters" define the roasting parameters based on the hazelnuts’ origin,* moisture and size. In our factories, we roast the hazelnuts at the last moment to lock in the fragrance and freshness which distinguishes the Ferrero Rocher taste. The hazelnuts are then roasted in batches of the same calibre to ensure more uniform roasting.