Ferrero Rocher History




Precious moments that matter

The joy of being with your family and friends, being together, a moment of delight, even by yourself. Such moments deserve to be celebrated with something very special, because a precious moment becomes even more unique if enjoyed with a Ferrero Rocher speciality. Discover our values that constantly inspire us to create only the finest products, bringing you closer to the people you care about.

Multisensorial experience

Multi-sensory taste experience

Ferrero Rocher specialities deliver a multisensory taste experience thanks to its unique combination of high quality ingredients, textures and flavours that are worth taking the time.



Ferrero Rocher pralines add that extra sparkle to make any moment of our life more precious either with the people you care about or by yourself.


Elegance & refinement

All our Pralines are elegantly wrapped in a refined pack with a visible touch of gold.

Uncomporomising Quality & Freshness

Quality and Care

Our mission is to deliver quality as the ultimate commitment of Care. With this clear commitment in everything we do, every day and always striving to improve, we are able to deliver the quality which is synonymous with Ferrero Rocher.