The same High Quality



As we progressively evolve our Ferrero Rocher boxes to new eco-designed ones, the delicious Ferrero Rocher taste our consumers love – and love to share – stays exactly the same.

The same High Quality

Ferrero Rocher packaging is carefully designed to maintain the high quality that is the hallmark of all Ferrero products.

Our new eco-designed Ferrero Rocher boxes ensure the same high quality product as always.

They preserve the multi-sensorial taste experience of Ferrero Rocher, allowing consumers to fully appreciate the delicious combination of layers: a whole hazelnut dipped in a smooth velvety filling, enclosed in a crisp wafer shell, sprinkled with gently roasted hazelnut pieces and covered in milk chocolate.



Maintaining Quality Through

Transparency has been a distinctive characteristic of the Ferrero Rocher boxes since the beginning. 

For our new boxes, we have specifically developed an innovative material that maintains this same transparency, strongly reduces the use of plastic, and ensures the same high product quality.

Thanks to this innovation, our consumers can continue to see and appreciate the beautifully wrapped specialties inside our transparent box.