For the cake Amount
Ferrero Rocher8
Double cream650ml
Granulated sugar160g
Egg whites3
Instant coffee20g
Dark chocolate250g
Coffee beans1tsp
Edible gold leaf 

Ferrero Rocher coffee semifreddo ~ step by step

  1. Pour 40g of water in a pan, add granulated sugar and bring to a boil. Add instant coffee and mix with a spoon until melted. In the meantime, whisk egg whites using an electric hand whisk and gradually pour over hot coffee, whisking it at the same time. Rest until cool.
  2. Whisk 500ml of double cream and stir with the coffee mixture. Pour half of the mixture in a 20cm Bundt pan. Chop and melt 50g of dark chocolate, then pour into the mould, add crushed coffee beans and the leftover coffee mixture.
  3. Level the surface with a spatula and freeze for 4-5 hours. Chop the leftover chocolate and melt it by pouring over the hot leftover double cream. Unmould the frozen coffee cream on a serving plate, pour chocolate ganache over it and complete with six Ferrero Rocher chocolates and some pieces of edible gold leaf.
    Serve with one Ferrero Rocher per portion.

    Allergens: hazelnuts, cream, egg, soy lecithin