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How to pronounce Ferrero Rocher?

If you are wondering how to pronounce Ferrero Rocher, here is the original Italian way of saying the name: [ferˈrɛːro roʃˈʃe]. You can also listen to the pronunciation by clicking play.

Pronunciation of Ferrero Rocher:

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What does Ferrero Rocher mean?

Each and every single Ferrero Rocher praline is different, thanks to its outer coating of hazelnut pieces, which, from the outside, resembles little rocks. In fact, the name comes from  the French word for a rock "rocher”. Together with Ferrero - the company name, Rocher was chosen as the perfect brand name for our signature pralines.

Where is Ferrero Rocher from?

Ferrero Rocher, one of the most iconic brands of the Ferrero Group was created in 1982 in Alba, a small town in the hills of Piedmont in Italy. Learn more about the history of Ferrero Rocher >>

How is Ferrero Rocher made?

Each Ferrero Rocher is created with passion and commitment. We take a whole hazelnut, dip it in a smooth and velvety filling, coat it in milk chocolate and cover it in hazelnut pieces. To give you irresistible taste experience. Discover Ferrero Rocher experience >>

How to make a Ferrero Rocher cake?

To make a Ferrero Rocher cake you will need a box of our pralines, some flour, a few eggs, and… one of the many delicious recipes that you can find in our Tips & Ideas section >>

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