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Pietro Ferrero begins to fulfill his dream of selling high quality chocolate, accessible to all, opening his workshop in Alba.
Pietro Ferrero begins to fulfill his dream of selling high quality chocolate, accessible to all, opening his workshop in Alba.
Ferrero begins its first industrial scale production.
Following the success of the company in Italy, Ferrero begins producing abroad. In 1956 a large factory in Germany is inaugurated, shortly followed by the opening of another factory in France. It was the start of a rapid expansion of Ferrero in Europe. In the following decades Ferrero expands globally.
The Ferrero Rocher brand is launched in several European countries including the UK. Its great success is affirmed over and over thanks to the precious golden packaging and high quality of its ingredients
The first iconic and unforgettable TV spots and print campaigns of Ferrero Rocher are launched.
Ferrero Rocher is launched nationally in the United States. Over the next several years the brand grows into one of the premium chocolate category leaders.
Ferrero Rocher is sold in China, establishing a national reputation as a pioneer in the premium chocolate category.
Ferrero Rocher is first sold in Russia.
A new delicacy from Ferrero Rocher - Grand Ferrero Rocher. A delicious chocolate shell with fragrant hazelnut pieces, and exquisite Ferrero Rochers inside. The new "Grand" gift to enjoy together with your loved ones.
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Loyalty and Trust
Our constant attention towards consumers' needs is at the foundation of our company policy, inspired by maximum transparency and excellence in quality.

Our loyalty towards consumers and the trust they place in our products through their everyday purchases are at the core of the long-lasting relationship that we enjoy with them.

Our Company practices are based on a mutual trust between colleagues, full dedication and transparency towards the Group, as well as towards all civil society stakeholders with whom we interact daily.

Innovation and Creativity
All Ferrero products are the result of ideas which are unique but relevant worldwide. We combine modern methods with a long standing passion that permeates all stages of our Value Chain, from research to the development of the final product.
Passion for Quality, Research and Innovation
Our goal is to create unique products, developing innovative research and production processes as well as using our own technologies. For us, the aspects that make this journey interesting are the passion for research, the desire to break down pre-existing paradigms, and the exploration of new places far from the traditional fenced-in disciplines. We apply consolidated quality and traceability procedures, in order to preserve the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of our raw materials.

A fundamental element of our success is the careful selection of the highest quality raw materials, sourced with full respect for a strict ethical code concerning their origin, harvesting and manufacturing.Within the global context of growing attention to themes such as nutrition and physical activity, we focus our research strategy and our production investments on the creation of high quality products, carefully developed in terms of their nutritional value and portioning, so that they can be integrated into a balanced diet, with particular attention to the needs of children and families.
Respect and Responsibility
Based on our respect for equality of treatment, we promote the professional and personal development of all our human resources. This also reinforces our strong ties with the local Communities in the territories where we operate. We are committed to avoiding any form of discrimination in our employment practices, in all the Companies of our Group, starting from the initial moment of recruitment. The primary goal of our employment strategy is to establish long-lasting relations, inspired by the principles of professional growth and recognition of merit. We guarantee our employees the freedom to belong to Trade Unions and we recognize the role of Unions in contractual matters.

The protection of human health and the respect for the environment are at the core of our operational practices. We manage our facilities through the use of sustainable resources, such as water, energy, raw and other materials, including the use of renewable resources. We strive for a reduction in our environmental impact in all forms, in particular by reducing emissions, eliminating waste and correctly managing waste products.

We support the protection of human dignity, as well as the absolute and unconditional respect of human rights, wherever the Ferrero Group companies operate.

We support the abolition of the exploitation of child labour and of forced and coercive labour, within our sphere of influence and along the entire production chain, through specific legal means and close relations with local Communities.

Integrity and Sobriety
Our communication with consumers, including advertising, respects the values of human dignity, family and children, in line with our moral and ethical principles. They are based on advising the proper use of our products and inspired by the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. Our advocacy practices towards International, National and Local Institutions are based on solid scientific knowledge and always inspired by intellectual and behavioural integrity, as well as transparency.
This entrepreneurship can be linked to the word "initiative", a value which in itself embodies the concepts of enterprise and entrepreneurship, that impulse to act on one's own initiative in order to maximize results. The difference between a brilliant strategy and success lies in the ability to establish a clear vision, in being proactive with your investments, in being timely with your undertakings, in being excellent in your execution. The Ferrero Group has seen such success because of its solid and deeply rooted culture of "learning by doing". A crucial element of sustainability in Ferrero's model is the accumulation of technical skills and knowledge of products, markets, and consumers over time that guide us from "creating value" to strengthening the "value of creation". A great collective entity animated by a trust in progress and by the ability to envision a tomorrow that is better than today. This is because the world will always be conquered by those that desire success and affirmation, and those that have the determination to continuously seek excellence.
Work, Create, Donate
The Ferrero Foundation
We identify ourselves with the motto: "Work, create, donate", conceived and introduced by Michele Ferrero at the very beginning of his business pursuits. In essence we favour the "ethics of doing" over the "practice of appearing". This same philosophy has inspired, and still inspires: the Ferrero Foundation, devoted to maintaining the Group's relations with its retirees through social and cultural programmes, as well as to strengthening ties with the local communities in which we operate; the "Progetto Imprenditoriale Michele Ferrero", based on investments and use of the deriving resources to improve the living conditions of the communities of developing countries, with particular attention to children; the whole Ferrero Group constantly engaged in social responsibility activities, as an integral part of our own way of being and of operating, since the very beginning.