Our Main Ingredients

Sustainability of Ingredients

Our Approach

Ingredients: Source

How and where we source our ingredients

To sustain the quality of Ferrero Rocher, we must care for the ingredients and how they are sourced. We are aiming for full traceability across all our main ingredients and supply chains to ensure we are sourcing ingredients sustainably. We work with recognised certification and standards organisations, build partnerships with external stakeholders and implement internal and external auditing.

Ingredients: Farming

Hazelnut & Cocoa Charters

Our Commodity Charters, which we have for each of our main ingredients, guide us as we seek continuous improvement along the whole value chain, with particular focus on economic, social and the environmental quality of our raw materials and ingredients.

In our Hazelnut and Cocoa Charters, we state our ambition for the hazelnut and cocoa industries that are good for people and nature, and our commitment to make this ambition a reality through responsible production and sourcing.

Ingredients: Communities

Empowering Local Communities

Empowering farmers and local communities where we operate and source our ingredients is not just the right thing to do but ensures we build a thriving supply chain with full traceability. In this way, we help to preserve the environment, and respect human rights while producing quality ingredients. 

Ingredients: Partnering

Partnering on the ground

We build long-term relationships with our suppliers  on the ground to improve the livelihoods of farmers, workers and communities. To achieve this, our activities must function within the specific local conditions, whether cultural, climatic or economic. The goal is to secure decent livelihoods, improve the well-being of women and children and protect the environment and wildlife.

Ingredients: Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead

We continue to strive to improve the responsible sourcing of raw materials along our supply chain, enhancing the living conditions of farmers and their communities and fostering sustainable practices to protect natural resources.



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